Hygia Logistics helps leading companies save lives by bringing health products to unreached markets and providing public health consulting to governments, the private sector, and NGOS.

If you are looking to begin or expand your markets in Thailand market, the process can be complex: But we can help you along your way. We also have relationships with public and private partners in greater Southeast Asia, including, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. With a strong heritage in the import/export business, we can structure contracts, assist with line of credit, to name just a few of the high-quality services that can be tailored for your needs.


Import licenses are required for 26 categories of items, down from 42 categories in 1995-1996.  Licenses are required for the import of many raw materials, petroleum, industrial, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural products.  Imports of goods not requiring licenses must comply with applicable regulations of concerned agencies, including, in some cases, extra fees and certificate of origin requirements. Additionally, several products are subjected to import control:

  • Importation of processed foods, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and cosmetics require licensing from the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health.


Product preparing services including repackaging services to meet Thailand requirements.  We have worked with novel solutions such as double packaging, to ensure providence of materials, as well as translation services to meet official requirements and needs of consumers.  Other services such as barcoding, order picking, packing and shipping, returns processing, and customer service management are available.


We work with distributors in a variety of markets from institutional levels like agencies and hospitals to retail for health and wellness goods .  Whether you need an integrated supply chain solution or customized service, WDS is prepared to serve you.

Product Registration:

Utilize our intimate industry knowledge and expertise to obtain registration approvals for your medical device in Thailand.

Product registration in Asia can be a daunting task. Each Asian country has its own unique product registration requirements and classification systems.

Joint Ventures, we build effective strategies to obtain product registration approval and access the medical markets in your targeted Asian countries. Our robust knowledge of Asia’s medical regulations and effective strategic plans have assisted partners with proactively eliminating risks and uncertainty, while maximizing the potential for commercial success. We work closely with our clients to solve their most complex regulatory problems in areas such as product registration, reimbursement, quality compliance, local agent representation, and clinical trials.


Obtaining a high reimbursement price will give your medical device product a winning advantage in the Thailand markets, and we can help. In Thailand, hospitals receive government reimbursement for the many medical devices they purchase. For new product categories, including some that have been in market for decades, they have little or no reimbursement, so the patient or local charities are responsible for the burden of payment. However, Thailand is expected to further develop their reimbursement policies over time.

Local Agent:

  • Hygialostics can be your local Agent and:
    • Register your medical product;
    • Represent your company with each Asian regulatory agency;
    • Interact with the Asian government agency on all regulatory issues;
    • Notify the Asian government agency when there are changes to your products, new manufacturing methods, etc.;
    • Track all alerts and recalls;
    • Follow through with complaint handling;
    • Report adverse events to each Asian regulatory agency properly;
  • Clinical Trials
  • An understanding of the regulatory requirements , an experienced, on the ground, local team providing contract research organization (CRO) services in each Asian local regulatory authority, crucial to the successful administering of an effective and respected clinical trial in Asia.